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All of our plans include a 45-minute free trial lesson. If you are not sure which plan is best for you, set up a free trial and speak with us today. We can help you make the best choice for your needs.

1 on 1 private English lesson.

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*Students are able to combine classes for 90 or 120-minute lessons.

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"It isn't just a language; English is a lifestyle."


Communication is the most important aspect of a language. Improve your Speaking and Listening at the same time.


Are you applying for a VISA in Canada? You will need to pass the IELTS exam. We have a lesson plan specifically for you.


Reduce your accent, learn the correct way to pronounce words and improve linking and rhythm to sound more like a native speaker.


We will help boost your confidence so you are able to continue learning and enjoying the English language and your English life.

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We use a unique method of teaching to help you learn at a much more efficient pace. Course lessons are also custom tailored for each student to provide you with the materials you need to learn.

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Each lesson is tailored to the student to target weak-points and focus on the students goals.